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Recently I launched new software that has quickly become THE leader in it’s category.  It’s called HotSniper and is now the #1 eBay Sniping software available anywhere…and coming in a few weeks is the first eBay sniping iPhone application as well.

In it’s initial launch, Hotsniper has had a $2.99 monthly fee for unlimited use.  This price is being raised to $9.99 in 2010 however, here’s my holiday gift to you.

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I think you get the point.  Sign up NOW, get HotSniper NOW, and take advantage of this Holiday Special. But don’t waitbecause this offer is set to expire in the new year!

In a study that gives the lie to the notion that eggheads don’t like to eyeball online auctions like normal folks, a study by South Korean physicists confirms via some elaborate mathematical modeling that “sniping” — waiting for the very last second to submit your bid on that Elvis-shape throw rug — is indeed “a rational and effective strategy to win in an eBay auction.”

“Sniping,” bidding at the last minute to deny other bidders time to outbid you.

Savvy buyers have taken to the practice in swarms. And, to test whether sniping is a smart way to do things or just truncates normal bidding, the South Korean team at Seoul National University produced a “master equation” for how bidding proceeds (it’s nk(t+1) — nk(t) = w(k-1)(t)*n(k-1)(t) — wk(t)*nk(t) + sigma(k,1)*u(t), if you really want to know), and then tested it against a massive number of auction records, some 264,073 items sold in one day on eBay and another 287,018 items sold in one year by eBay’s Korean partner.

Plugging all those data into the model and testing the outcome in terms of how the auctions turned out, the team found that the probability of submitting a winning bid on an item indeed drops with each bid. “Our analysis explicitly shows that the winning strategy is to bid at the last moment as the first attempt rather than incremental bidding from the start.” The study appeared in the Physical Review E journal.

The finding is no surprise to Harvard economist Alvin Roth, who has studied sniping from an economics viewpoint since 2002 with colleague Axel Ockenfels of Germany’s University of Cologne. They came to similar conclusions. “I think you might do the most good if you advise bidders to form an opinion of how much they are willing to pay for an item, so that they don’t get caught up in a bidding war and pay more than they will be happy with,” says Roth, by e-mail. “But, that being said, if they know what proxy bid they want to submit, it won’t hurt them to submit it very near the end (but neither will it help them much, or often …) So, sniping is a good strategy, for those with the time to do it,” he adds.

A statement on the eBay site says: Sniping is part of the eBay experience, and all bids placed before a listing ends are valid — even if they’re placed one second before the listing ends.

Introducing HotSniper – the #1 eBay Sniping Software – which let’s you bid on eBay automatically.

HotSniper gives you the power to effectively manage and win eBay auctions by placing bids for you during the last few seconds of an auction – a
practice commonly known as “sniping.” With HotSniper bidding for you, you can mask your interest in an item, protect your privacy, change or cancel bids, and more.

- HotSniper keeps you out of bidding wars. In a traditional auction, it’s good practice to set a price and stick to it. But those auctions last only
a minute or two. If you set your price early on eBay, other buyers have up to 10 days to outbid you. These bidding wars can be sharply reduced by
holding your bid until just a few seconds before the end of the auction. They won’t have a chance to outbid you! Try HotSniper NOW!

HotSniper keeps your bid secret. eBay has a Search by Bidder option. Suppose you’re a collector who’s found an unusual item in the wrong  category. The second you place your bid other users can find out about it easily using Search by Bidder. You want to keep others from finding  out about it. Use HotSniper to defer your bid until seconds before the auction ends. That way competitors using Search By Bidder won’t be able to dig up the same bargain by following your interests. Try HotSniper Free Now!

- HotSniper uses proprietary technology including a group of custom programs running on multiple high-performance servers to deal with slow server performance, HotSniper and eBay network bottlenecks, peak bid placement periods, and the many other real-time performance issues that threaten the integrity of your bid. Try HotSniper Free Now!

Don’t miss out…See for yourself why HotSniper has quickly become the #1 eBay Sniping Software. And you can even enter unlimited bids on unlimited auctions with no restrictions.  Just use our one-page signup to see how easy it is (and how much FUN it is) to win eBay auctions with HotSniper!

Happy and healthy New Year!

Chief Sniper!

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